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Cross-laminated timber provides an innovative massive building system for all kind of buildings. It is commonly applied for external and internal walls, ceilings and roofs.

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The building system offers a minimum of assembly time at the building site because of its prefabricated elements. There is no break in the insulation layer and no need for a moisture barrier in walls.


Click to enlarge!   Production of the elements with single layer boards provides a lot of advantages: air tightness, fire resticance, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.
  • Element dimensions: 2,95m x 16m with a thickness of up to 40cm
  • Prefabricated with cut-out doors and windows ready for assembling
  • Multi-layer board with crosswise arrangement of lamellas
  • Dry building system with a minimum of swelling and shrinkage
  • Best performance in static and physical properties

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Technical Details

Processing          Kiln dried, planed, glued with formaldehyde-free
                           adhesive, with 3, 5, 7 or more layers
Wood species     Spruce, larch and pine on request
Moisture             12% +/- 2%
Surface                Sanded


a 7-story-house tested in Japan up to 7,2 Richter

There are different producers with different qualities!

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