OSB 4 - Details

OSB4 is a board made of derived timber product (pine) with high mechanical properties.

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It is pressed with formaldehyd-free binding agents during its manufacture.

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Due to the approval of this diffusion- inhibitory material by the building authorities, this boards have a  variety of applications. They serve also as basic material for the manufacture of house building elements.

Click to enlarge!   This OSB4 elements are manufactured in one piece and are therefore jointless up to 2,80m in height and 15m in length with a thickness between 7,5cm and 25cm.

All surfaces are prepared for painter’s and tiler’s work.
Neither foils nor plaster board planking are required !

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All elements are prefabricated and ready for assembly, including covered cable ducts and socket boring for the electric installation.

Fast and easiest assembly of all elements.

A construction free from thermal bridges can be built without any problems. 

It is excellently suited to passive houses.

Please do not hesitate to ask for detailed information.

e-mail: office@fischer-massivholzhaus.at

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